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iRepairIT is not only a Cell Phone and Tablet repair company but can also fix your macbook, PC, or computer. When you have a broken screen on your laptop, slow processor, irresponsive mousepad, virus infested computer, or you just need your memory or RAM upgraded, you can bring your macbook to iRepairIT. We source the best, highest quality replacement parts for your laptop, backed with our 90 day warranty. It is definitely expensive to purchase a new laptop, costing over a thousand dollars for a similar laptop you own. Fixing your broken macbook can save you hundreds, and you don’t have to worry about transferring your data!

Our services include:

  • Broken LCD Replacement, cracked screen services
  • RAM Upgrades, to speed up your laptop
  • Hard Drive Replacements, to add more memory to your computer
  • CD-ROM driver replacement services
  • Virus Removal services, to clean and speed up your laptop
  • Battery Replacement, to increase life of your laptop throughout the day
  • Keyboard Replacement, to fix any broken keyboard keys that do not work

All our screen replacements come with a limited lifetime warranty on the functionality of the component. All other repairs come with a limited 90-day warranty covering the functionality. If the part malfunctions in any way, we will replace it at no cost! Physical damage will void warranty. For more information, click here

Leading the industry in customer satisfaction, iRepairIT strives to provide the best support for each and every one of our customers. We want to provide an experience that will make you want to use us again, whether it be because you broke your device again or you just want to hang out with us! We are Atlanta’s highest rated cell phone repair store on Yelp!

When it comes to pricing, iRepairIT provides the most competitive pricing out there. Using the highest quality part and providing affordable prices is our motto. If you do happen to find a price lower than ours (from a reputable brick and mortar store), let us know and we’ll match that price and even try to beat it!

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Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us, odds are we can fix it!
Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us! Odds are we can fix it!