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Come visit iRepairIT located in Buckhead, Atlanta for great deals on iPhone, iPad, and cell phone repair. We provide repair service on many devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy cell phones and tablets, LG smartphones, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, OnePlus, and much more. We can fix a cracked and shattered screen, blacked out LCD, blown speaker, fuzzy ear piece, broken home buttons, broken power buttons, and much more. We can even attempt to fix water damage on phones. We have a high success rate if a customer brings their water damage device in a timely manner, with our special treatments.

iPhone Repair in Atlanta has been a popular service from the beginning but since then we have expanded our business to various cell phone repair services. Our centrally located store in Atlanta is easy to access from all parts of Metro Atlanta.

Laptop repairs have started to come very popular amongst our services as well. We are able to provide a virus removal service at our Buckhead, Atlanta location for computers that are infested with malware. Not only do we provide software solutions at our Atlanta locations, we also provide hardware solutions, such as screen replacements, hard drive replacement/upgrade, ram upgrade, and much more.

iRepairIT Buckhead is located in the heart of Buckhead on Pharr Road, which is conveniently located between Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road! We are in the same shopping center as Savi Provisions, and across the street from the Chevron station, down the road from Atlanta’s Fish Market and the large PNC Bank.


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Driving Directions:

Lenox Mall-

Turn left out of Lenox mall onto Peachtree Road towards south Buckhead. Continue over the Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road major intersection. Make a left onto Pharr Road. Pass the Atlanta Fish Market on your right hand side, our shopping center is located on the left less than 100 yards away from the Atlanta Fish Market.

Midtown Atlanta (14th Street)-

Take West Peachtree Road or Peachtree Road north towards Buckhead. Continue north for 3 miles on Peachtree Road past Lindbergh Drive. Make a right onto Pharr Road. iRepairIT will be located on the left in a white shopping center next to the Eclipse High Rise.


From Town Brookhaven, continue south on Peachtree Road towards Lenox Mall. Pass the mall on your left. Continue over the Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road major intersection. Make a left onto Pharr Road after the new Buckhead Village development. We will be located across the street from the Chevron station.

Chastain Park-

Travel south on Roswell Road towards south Buckhead. Roswell Road merges into Peachtree Road. After the new Buckhead Village development, make a left onto Pharr Road. iRepairIT will be located on the left after the PNC Bank.

Atlantic Station-

Turn left onto 17th Street from Atlantic Station. Continue past Spring Road in midtown Atlanta, make a left onto West Peachtree Road. Continue north into Buckhead for 3 miles. Make a right onto Pharr Road in Buckhead. iRepairIT will be located on your left in a shopping center.


iRepairIT Buckhead, our second iPhone, iPad, and cell phone repair store, is located in the heart of Buckhead, right off Peachtree Road. Our Buckhead location offers a variety of services, including cracked  screen repairs, broken LCD replacements, weak or fast draining battery replacements, home button repair, power button repair, water damage repair, and much more. We provide these services and much more for all Apple, Android, and Windows phones.

The world of making appointments is officially over. With our iRepairIT Buckhead location, you can just walk on in whenever you want during our store hours, and get your device fixed in no time. Most of our repairs are done in 30 minutes or less, while the other few repairs take about an hour to do. We strive to provide cheap and fast repairs, and we pride ourselves on that and providing excellent customer service, as you can see from our customer’s testimonials!

No matter how big or small the problem is, iRepairIT Buckhead can handle it. Whether it be a hairline crack, a shattered screen, blacked out LCD, broken speakers, or anything else on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy cell phone, LG cell phone, PC Laptop, or any other smartphone or tablet, we are here to fix those problems.

Our Services

iRepairIT in Buckhead has been leading the Cell Phone Repair industry in the Atlanta area. To grow our business and services we have also added repairs for your tablet and laptop, so we can be your one stop shop for all your electronic repair needs. Primarily our business started by fixing the Apple iPhone. But now has grown, and now we are offering phone repairs for Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, and many other popular smartphone models.

We carry most replacement parts for your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Our primary repairs revolve around screen replacements for the smartphones. Since then we have also grown into repairing other components on your cell phone. If your battery starts to go bad and not last as long, we offer battery replacements. Another popular repair we offer is the charging port replacement. The micro usb cable and lightning port cable tend to ruin the charging port on the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, and other models. However a replacement of this component tends to revive the phone and allows it to be charged.

We even offer the most competitive prices in the local market with the highest quality parts.

Get a second opinion from iRepairIT. Yes we do not charge for diagnosing your device. The device can be water damaged or it just may not be turning on. We’ll diagnose your device for free and give you a fair price quote if it can be repaired. If not repairable, we try to keep devices in stock to sell our customers at a discounted price, definitely a cheaper alternative than buying a new smart phone.


We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all of our screen replacements and limited 90 day warranty on all other repairs and device purchases. If your screen or replaced component malfunction in any way, you can come back for a replacement at no cost!*

*Any kind of accidental/intentional damage will void the warranty. This includes cracking the screen, having a third party open the device, water damage, etc.


Very highly recommended. Shahzad is the BEST! I came in around 6:30 (they close at 7) and he was done in almost his record time – 9 minutes. NINE minutes to replace my shattered iPhone 6 srceen with a new tempered one. Who does that? Shahzad. Thirty minutes is the average, “normal” time but I guess I had his full attention. Trust these guys with your phones, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Tamera B.

They repaired my cell phone’s busted screen quickly so I could get back to living my life asap. More importantly, it was affordable enough to that I was able to keep enough money to live said life.

Mikey M.

The screen on my Samsung Galaxy s3 went out and I had no way of bypassing my lock code. Shazahd was able to put a temporary screen on my phone and back up my data. He was very professional and the service was reasonably priced.

Travis T.

iRepairIT is the best at fixing iPhone products! They replaced the speaker on my iPhone and the broken glass. They are very easy to find in Buckhead, Atlanta! Across the street from the PNC bank. The repair for the iPhone 5S took about 30 minutes and now it looks brand new again. They also can repair other devices according to their flier, iPads, Samsungs, etc.

Definitely recommended.

Franklin B.

Wow!  These guys are amazing.  I dropped my iPhone 6 in the river while on vacation.  Shahzad and Derek were able to bring my phone back to life saving me a $660 replacement.  They even saved my $40 glass screen protector! I was greeted promptly and had my phone fixed and ready to go in 30 minutes.  Repair prices are very reasonable. They have a great selection of phone and tablet accessories.
While I hope I never have to use their services again, (fingers crossed I can keep my phone dry) I highly recommend these guys for your phone and tablet repairs.

Allison J.

I can’t imagine having a better experience. I shattered my phone screen over the weekend helping my sister and brother in law pack up a pod for a move. I was pissed and now it feels like it never even happened.
I found this place on Yelp (big surprise) and with it being right down the street from my office, decided to pop in during my lunch break. I was immediately greeted at the counter, quoted a fair price and given a quote with a discount I had read about online.
I left my phone here and walked across the street to the bank. After returning 15 minutes later, my phone was in pristine condition and I was out the door on my way.
As I stated before, I could not have asked for a better experience.

That’s my word and I’m sticking to it.

Brad B.

Clean quick and professional.  Interior was great – staff was great – outcome was great.
Such a far cry from the super scary places I’ve left my phone before!!! They didn’t ask for my passcode like the other place did before (which kind of makes me wonder why they needed it!), and I dropped my phone and they had it ready before they even said they would! It’s a beautiful job – and my iPhone 5c looks better than before I cracked it!
Totally fair price – around 100$ – and I was sure my phone was beyond repair. I dropped it twice in the span of 2 weeks and the last time produced a black screen with no light behind. I was sure it was dead forever and all my pics and notes with it. Nope! They said it would be super easy. I made an apt online (awesome) and they were ready for me when I got there.
One tip for the business tho – integrate your systems so users only have to enter name and number once (in scheduler) because I had to enter my info again when I got there. Small potatoes of course but the only improvement that could’ve possibly been made.
I’m sure I’ll break something else – so I’ll be back! Just hopefully no time soon!

Staci T.

When I heard iRepairIT had opened a Buckhead store, I had to see it! Ironically during the Super Bowl weekend I had a monthly mishap with my cell phone as usual… This isn’t the first time I broke my phone but in glad I’m not losing it during my long nights in Buckhead lol. Once again iRepairIT rescued my iPhone 5S, and fixed the cracked screen. So now that’ll make my Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G3 and now an iPhone 5S that was fixed by them. Before calling them this time, I checked their competition nearby- all of which were $10-20 more than iRepairIT. I would say that with the quality of service they offer, it’s backed with a fair market price for their repairs which are offered. Basically long story short.. Come here if you want your phone repaired, it’s my third time and once again I’m a happy customer and I will continue to let my friends know!

Javix Z.

I have been here twice in the last two months. After I was looking at a really high cost at the Apple store I happened to find them on yelp. Called and they were able to take me the same day for a reasonable price to fix my busted iphone 5c (somehow the screen just went black). They even stayed later than their office hours with zero issue. I then dropped my phone again just today. I called within 30 min of them closing as I needed the phone right away. Again, so helpful and willing to take me on so last minute. They fixed it within 10 min. I would highly recommend their services!

Priti G.

Fixed my shattered iPhone 5S screen in less than 30 minutes at iRepairIT’s Buckhead location! The customer service was excellent and the prices were much more affordable than any other place in the area! Highly recommend for iPhone 5S screen repair! It looks like new!

Elizabeth S.

The iRepairIT location in Buckhead, GA did amazing job with mine and my girlfriend’s cell phones! I brought in a Galaxy Note 4 for lcd repair and my gf’s iPhone 6 for screen repair. The iPhone literally took 15 minutes while the Note 4 took 45 minutes. I couldn’t have asked for better service. If you live in Buckhead, go to iRepairIT, you won’t be disappointed!

Ronald J.

Great experience as always. iRepairIT fixed a screen on an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 in about 20 minutes. iRepairIT’s customer service is top notch. If I break another screen or need any other repairs, I’ll definitely be back.

William C.

The service was great! ! My S4 Android was fixed quickly and I had a really nice experience. Also the Repair Tech gave me a bottle of water on the house! !!! Dreamy!

Tiffany B.

I had the best experience! !! Made an appointment to get my Galaxy S4 fixed and it looks better than ever. Added tempered glass to the phone which gave it a clear clean slick look!! Cost with Sprint $186 vs. RepairIT -$126 … Overall saving $60….#GREATDAY…#LOVEIT!!!

Kia G.

I dropped my iPhone 6 after work and the screen completely cracked. I called around 6:40pm asking if they can fix my phone at 7pm (which is the time they close), and the rep on the phone said they would be more than happy to wait for me. This impeccable customer service is rare to find these days. I arrived at 7:10pm and as promised, Sal was at the shop and fixed my phone in about 15 minutes. The entire process was very easy and hassle free. I think the prices they offer are very fair and would give them my business again anytime.

Dickson H.

I cracked my new iPhone 6 plus phone twice after dropping it. The first time was a small hairline and the second the whole screen was shattered. I called these guys and the service was outstanding. I called around first but a lot of places were either not repairing the iPhone 6’s yet or they were charging astronomical prices. I paid $249, not cheap but I couldn’t stand to look at my phone the way it was any longer. I think the price is cheaper for the iPhone 6 too. I would ask. My phone looks the way it was when I first bought it, no problems.

Their hours are great for those working full time. I think I only waited 15 minutes/20 minutes and there were people in front of me. You can tell they really take care of their customers here and they are very professional.

Nina P.

It seems like I’m always breaking my cell phone :(. It started with my Samsung Galaxy S4 at first, I shattered the screen down to its guts. Came into the iRepairIT location in Smyrna and they made the phone look new out of the box! The technician, Gio, was knowledgeable and answered my software questions as well for no extra charge which was very helpful. That was my first experience repairing my phone here at the store.

A few weeks later I decided to trade in my samsung at AT&T, and purchase the LG G3. And guess what happens next… Yep broke my stupid smart phone again. I rushed into the Atlanta iRepairIT store. This time my glass cracked so bad that my touch screen went out too. Josh, the tech that was helping me this time, explained that on the LG phones the digitizer is very fragile and cracking the glass usually leads to the touch to go irresponsive. 30 minutes later my phone was fixed back to its original status.

This place is highly recommended by me so far, have only had two good experiences. The best part is that the repair is quick, inexpensive, and the place looks neat!

Javix Z.

Came in with a cracked iPhone 5S right before closing and they got the job done!!  I’d called them before arriving and they even offered to keep the store open late for me.  The guys were super nice and let me watch the screen replacement.  Entire job took only 20 minutes.  Screen looks as good as new.


I stopped by here to have my Nexus 4 screen replaced and they completed it in ~40 minutes with no problems.  My Nexus is now running smoothly with no cracks on the screen and the customer service was awesome.  Both guys that I dealt with were extremely personable, knowledgeable, and eager to help.  Will definitely take any future issues here.

Trent L.

These guys are fantastic! I broke the screen on my LG G3 and started doing some research on how could replace this for me. Everywhere else I contacted said it would take several days to complete, when I called iRepairit, they told me it would take 30 minutes! The fee was slightly higher than others I checked, but well worth the superior customer service and speed!

Jordan P.

Very fast!  Fixed my nexus 5 on my lunch break.  Pretty fair prices too, considering the cost of parts.  Very happy with the service!

Tim D.

All our screen replacements come with a limited lifetime warranty on the functionality of the component. All other repairs come with a limited 90-day warranty covering the functionality. If the part malfunctions in any way, we will replace it at no cost! Physical damage will void warranty. For more information, click here

Leading the industry in customer satisfaction, iRepairIT strives to provide the best support for each and every one of our customers. We want to provide an experience that will make you want to use us again, whether it be because you broke your device again or you just want to hang out with us! We are Atlanta’s highest rated cell phone repair store on Yelp!

When it comes to pricing, iRepairIT provides the most competitive pricing out there. Using the highest quality part and providing affordable prices is our motto. If you do happen to find a price lower than ours (from a reputable brick and mortar store), let us know and we’ll match that price and even try to beat it!

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Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us, odds are we can fix it!
Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us! Odds are we can fix it!