Galaxy Note 4 Glass Replacement

Note 4 Glass Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Charger Port Repair

Note 4 Charger Port Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Camera Repair

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Galaxy Note 4 Glass & LCD Screen Repair

Note 4 Glass and LCD Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Home Button Repair

Note 4 Home Button Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Speaker Replacement

Note 4 Loudspeaker Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Battery Replacement

Note 4 Battery Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Power Button Repair

Note 4 Power Button Replacement

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Galaxy Note 4 Microphone Repair

Note 4 Microphone Replacement

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Just like the its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is built with replaceable parts. With its Gorilla Glass screen, removable battery, fragile charging port, and very thin camera lens, the Galaxy Note 4 is made to break unfortunately. Luckily at iRepairIT we have started offering the services to keep your phone looking new. The Note 4 has a very thin layer of glass on its LCD display, which means, if dropped, it is very likely to shatter leaving its user with a broken cell phone. We offer glass only screen replacements for those who do not want to spend hundreds replacing the phone through AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Most repairs are completed in about an hour. Sometimes, if leaving the cracked glass on your phone for an extended period of time you can run into the LCD display breaking. This basically means you won’t be able to see the picture on your screen or may cause crazy colors to come up leaving you with an unusable phone. Since we see this problems almost everyday, we have found a way to fix it and make your phone look new again! Another very common problem with the Galaxy Note 4 is the very thin glass protecting the camera from damage. Whilst it may protect the camera, it can however break leaving you with a broken camera lens causing distorted pictures to be taken with your phone. We offer camera lens replacements which take less than 30 minutes for most replacements!

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Midtown Atlanta (Howell Mill) – (404) 889-7993

90 Day Warranty

Every one of our repairs is backed up with a 90-day warranty. If you have any issues at all with the parts that were replaced during the repair of your device, we will gladly replace that part for you free of charge! However, if there is any type of physical damage to the part, such as cracks or water damage, the warranty will be void.

Customer Service

Leading the industry in customer satisfaction, iRepairIT strives to provide the best support for each and every one of our customers. We want to provide an experience that will make you want to use us again, whether it be because you broke your device again or you just want to hang out with us! We are Georgia’s highest rated cell phone repair store on Yelp!

Low Price

When it comes to pricing, iRepairIT provides the most competitive pricing out there. Using the highest quality part and providing cheap prices is our motto. If you do happen to find a price cheaper than ours (from a reputable company), let us know, we’ll match that price and even try to beat it!

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Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us, odds are we can fix it!
Don't see your device or repair listed? Call or message us! Odds are we can fix it!